Our goal at Evangelical Christian School is to provide an optimized learning environment in which students can analyze information, formulate ideas, and express themselves clearly all from a Biblical worldview. Our desire is to see each student have success in a rigorous academic schedule, with essential elements to character growth such as daily Bible class, weekly chapels, and strong teacher-student relationships. Not only do we want to see our students achieve academic growth, but also cultivate the heart as well as the mind.


Preschool at Evangelical Christian School is a warm and comfortable environment, surrounded by love. Each little one, six weeks through three years, is free to explore and stretch his imagination to the limits. The A Beka curriculum offers an exciting method to teach your child basic language arts, numbers, Bible lessons and fully prepares them for kindergarten.

Lower School

Lower school students are constantly challenged to go beyond the status quo. The quest for excellence pervades the all-inclusive, college-preparatory curriculum. Using traditional methods in a modern day setting, each student is encouraged to do his best. Homework, report cards, dedicated teachers, and informed parents are the rule and not the exception.

Upper School

Upper school focuses on preparing each student to succeed in college as a young, Christian leader. Our courses strive to intertwine a central Biblical worldview into all phases of academic classes with an added emphasis on higher level critical thinking skills. We encourage our students to participate in school related extra-curricular activities. A diverse sports program provides physical development, healthy competition, and important lessons in cooperative teamwork. The fine arts program assists students in discovering and developing God-given talents.