About ECS Online Academy

At ECS Online Academy, our mission is to provide students in 3rd -12th grades with an excellent academic education in a virtual environment that honors God and challenges students to reach their highest potentials mentally, socially, and spiritually.

ECS Online teachers are licensed professionals who hold degrees in their fields. The teacher assesses student work and is responsible for the curriculum and the day-to-day academic well-being of each student.

After completing the lessons of the curriculum, which are presented in text and video format, students complete problems, assignments, and tests electronically. Parents and students have instant access to grades and can quickly gain feedback regarding the student's progress. Each day, ECS Online teachers grade written work, such as essays and projects, and communicate grades and comments to parents and students. Due dates and past due notices help students adhere to their weekly lesson plans.

ECS is registered as a non-public school, accredited through the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, Inc. (FACCS) and the International Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (IACCS).

System Requirements

ECS Online Academy utilizes a browser-based Internet interactive format. PCs and Macintosh computers are compatible with this program. Computers must have the following system features as minimal requirements. Internet service should be high speed for better service. Wireless connection using air cards or satellite services encounter connectivity problems due to the size of lesson files being transmitted. Internet connectivity must be through Firefox rather than Internet Explorer.
• 1.6 GHZ or Higher Processor
• 2 GB of Memory
• 150 MB of Hard Disk Space
• 800 x 600 or Higher Resolution Monitor, 16 bit color
• High Speed Internet Service (Satellite internet does not work well due to the latency of the connection)
• Printer Recommended