Upper School

Evangelical Christian School is a college preparatory school which strives to intertwine a central Biblical worldview into all phases of academic classes. The teachers are Christ followers who daily strive to effectively implement this distinctly Biblical worldview with rigorous and college level academic lessons. Evangelical Christian School utilizes the BJU Press curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to enrich the curriculum by providing stimulating articles, primary and secondary sources for reading, analysis, writing, and discussion as well as developing engaging activities for cooperative group learning and project based learning. Teachers also provide lecture based presentations which students are tested on throughout the school year.

The curriculum enables students to build necessary skills that are important for life. These skills include time management, organization, analysis and reasoning, studying, listening and participation, note taking, meeting due dates, writing and revising, presentation and giving positive and constructive feedback, and test taking. As students progress and engage in the curriculum, the level of responsibility and course work rises for each student.

Evangelical Christian School provides many different opportunities for our student body within the curriculum. Students are immersed in on site field trips and data research as well as being able to engage with career professionals through chapels, internships and shadowing experiences, and guest speakers. Students benefit from having multiple modes of learning. Through all of the academic and extra-curricular opportunities that the curriculum provides at Evangelical Christian School, students are being equipped for life, learning, and leadership.