“Reach Higher”

Evangelical Christian School is pleased to offer the Aviation Pre-Professional Program that allows our high school students to explore aviation training opportunities normally not available in a high school setting. On a daily basis, classes are taught by certified flight instructors. In addition to extensive course/flight preparation, students fulfill the academic requirements needed for admission to colleges and universities while also earning college credit.

The ECS Aviation program is conducted by Florida’s premier flight training facility, Paragon Flight. Paragon is one of the FAA approved schools in the United States.

Aviation Curriculum

(grades 9-12)

From zero to Commercial Pilot (pdf)

Timeline for commercial pilot

Year 1: Introduction to Aviation

Year 2: Flight Operations

Year 3: Complex Aircraft Systems and Operations

Year 4: Flight School

*Extra costs are associated with the Aviation Pre-Professional Program. See Admissions for more information.

Initial flight training is conducted on the Redbird full motion flight simulator and on simulators utilizing x-plane 10 Global, which is the world’s most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator for personal computers because of its realistic flight model. The x-plane simulator allows student to experience the handling characteristics and feel of an actual aircraft.

Redbird FMX

Paragon flight training elective

Flight Instructors:

Mr. Jeff Wolff

FAA Certified Flight Instructor
Director of ECS Aviation Program
Chief Instructor for Paragon Flight (Page Field Airport)
CRJ2 Pilot for ComAir

Mr. Kenneth Volker

Former US Navy Pilot, Vietnam Veteran
315 Aircraft Carrier Landings, 145 Combat Flights

Dr. John Hunte


Advisory Board

The Aviation Advisory Board is composed of pilots and ATC to help give further guidance to the ECS aviation program.

Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Liberty University
FAA Ground School Exam Completed – 6 college credit hours
FAA Private Pilot license – 12 college credit hours
Jacksonville University
FAA Private Pilot license – 7 college credit hours
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
FAA Private Pilot license – 6 college credit hours
Purdue University
FAA Private Pilot license- 2 college credit hours, opportunity to obtain more.