Financial Information for 2019-2020

1) Re-enrollment / Application (Registration) - This non-refundable and non-transferable annual fee is due at the time of re-enrollment for present students and at the time of application for all new students. This fee is paid on-line during the re-enrollment process. If a new student is denied admittance by the school, $300.00 of the fee will be refunded. Re-enrolling families may receive the discounted fee if all documentation and payment are submitted on–line by February 28, 2019 at 11:59 pm



Action Through February 28, 2019 After February 28, 2019
Re-enrolling Student $190 $380  
New Student $380 $380  

2) Tuition - All payment plans will be handled by FACTS tuition management. Payments will be debited automatically from your checking/savings account or charged to your credit card. If you choose to pay annually, the fee is $20 per family per year from FACTS. If you choose to pay tuition monthly there will be a $50 per family per year fee to FACTS. Monthly payments are due by the 5th of each month and are delinquent after the 20th of the month. You may choose to have your payment withdrawn on the 5th or 20th. If paying monthly, you will make 11 payments, beginning in July.

NOTE: Tuition rates now include Activity fee, Technology fee, Lab fee and the addition of an on-staff School Nurse and on- staff Athletic Trainer and are as follows:

Grade Annual Tuition:
K4 & K5 $9,615
1st-5th $10,150
6th-8th $11,025
9th-12th $11,875

The Annual Tuition may be paid in full by the close of business on May 31, 2019, to receive a discount of $300 per child.

3) Multiple Child Tuition Discounts - Full tuition is paid on the child in the highest grade. An 8% discount is given on tuition to the 2nd and 3rd child of the same household. Any additional children of the same household receive a 45% discount on tuition.

4) Financial Aid - ECS accepts the Step Up For Students Scholarship. Log on to to find out more information. Financial Aid is available for those families who apply and qualify according to the financial aid guidelines. ECS uses an independent service known as F.A.S.T. to determine financial aid awards. You may apply online through the school’s website at Go to the Admissions tab and then to Tuition Assistance and click on the FAST Financial Aid tab to apply.

5) Financial Obligations - Accounts must be current for a student to attend classes, take exams (including finals), maintain lunch charge privileges, maintain access to Parentsweb, receive a report card, participate in their graduation ceremony, have records released and transcripts sent. Once an account becomes 30 days delinquent, the student is subject to dismissal from enrollment at ECS. Upon withdrawal or dismissal, the student’s records (except medical) will be held until all financial obligations are paid. No deductions or refunds of tuition payable or paid as required in this AGREEMENT will be made for withdrawal, absence, or dismissal after July 20, 2019. Prior to July 20, 2019, withdrawal is permitted without tuition penalty, otherwise a penalty will apply. Students will not be allowed to attend class at the start of the school year unless their account has been paid up-to-date through July 31, 2019. Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for more information.

6) Book and E-book Fees - Each student must have their books in time for the start of school. The cost of books and e-books varies by grade level and electives chosen. Grades K4, K5 & 1st grade will be billed on the July 1, 2019 statement or for new students, at the time of enrollment. Grades 2nd – 12th must purchase their books after receiving their book list.

7) Late/Returned Check Fees - A late fee of $30.00 will be applied to any account more than fifteen (15) calendar days past the due date. Accounts with payments (checks, ETFs, etc.) returned by a financial institution for any reason will incur a charge of $30.00 per returned transaction.

8) Activity & Technology Fees - Now included in Annual Tuition rates The Annual Tuition rate now includes Activity Fee, Technology Fee, and Lab Fee. These fees are no longer billed separately.

9) Parent Service Hours - Parents are required to assist the school for 10 hours per student during the school year, up to 20 hours maximum. If a student’s parents do not serve by April 30, 2020, the student’s account will be billed $200.00 per student on the May billing. We encourage all parents to seek approved service opportunities sooner rather than later so you are not short at the end of the school year. Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for more information.

10) Additional Fees - The following are fees students may incur, but are not limited to:

Graduation Fees: These fees are billed on the August, 2019, statement: K5 - $40.00 and 12th grade – $200.00 (does not include announcements).

Improvement/Security Fee (non-refundable): Improvement Fee of $100 is due for each student on August 1, 2019 or on the first day of attendance for students starting after the first day of school.

Academic Support Services: (Optional) These fees are in addition to the above tuition rates.

Senior Trip/8th Grade DC Trip/6th Grade Trip: The prices of these trips will be determined and information will be sent home when available.

Before and Aftercare: This service is for K4 through 12th grade students of working parents only and is offered most days that school is in session; see additional information for availability. Hours of operation are 6:30am to 8:00am and Dismissal to 6:00pm. On early dismissal days, a 1⁄2 day program is available for students K4 through 12th grade. This program is open only to students who are enrolled full-time at ECS. Closing time is 6:00pm sharp. A $15.00 fee is charged per student for each fifteen minutes or fractional part thereof after 6:00pm. Please see the Extended Care Form for more information.

Before and after school1/2 Day Camp - dailyFull Day Camp - dailyFull Day Camp - weekly
K4-6th grades$9.00/day$17.00/ day$35.00/day$135.00/week
7th-12th grades$7.00/day$14.00/dayN/AN/A

Athletic Fees: There is no participation fee for any sport a student plays. Varsity and JV Football players must pay an insurance fee of $170.00 per player (this insurance is secondary to their personal policy) - NO player will be allowed to practice football until the insurance fee has been paid. Some sports may incur additional equipment/uniform costs as determined by that team’s coach – information will be sent home with the player when available.

Miscellaneous Fines: These include the following: gum fines ($10.00 per occurrence), library fines, discipline consequences, etc.

Parking Decals: Any student wishing to drive to school must purchase a parking permit for his car at a cost of $20.00. Student parking privileges are subject to the guidelines in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Cheerleading Uniforms: Students who choose to participate in the Cheerleading program must purchase a uniform that the cheerleading advisor will order. Price will be determined and sent home when available and must be paid in advance (this cost is not billed to your account).

International Students: Contact Admissions for pricing information.