Evangelical Christian School Shadow Request Form

Students (7th-12th grade) are welcome to shadow an ECS student for a day on Friday, January 18 from 7:45am - 3:10pm. Students (5th & 6th grade) are welcome to shadow an ECS student on Wednesday, January 23 from 7:45am - 3:10pm. The guest student will be paired with an ECS student and experience a day on campus with lunch included.

Fill out this form completely if interested in a Shadow Day. Students will need to arrive by 7:45am and need to be picked up by 3:10pm.

Shadow Guidelines:

  1. Request to shadow must be submitted one week in advance
  2. No student may shadow the last week of a quarter or during standardized testing
  3. Dress code is nice jeans (no holes) and dress shirt. No shorts for 7th through 12th grades.