Parent Advisory Council

The following parents represent the 2019-2020 Parent Advisory Council (PAC):

Janet Casas
Children in 3rd and 4th grade - 

Mitzi Ibarra
Child in 12th grade –  

Sean McAfee
Child in 1st - 

Marc and Amy Michelsen
Children in 4th grade - 

Cynthia Ortiz
Children in 8th and 10th grade - 

Donna Rullo
Child in 12th grade - 

Kerri Sisson
Children in 3rd and 6th grade – 

Kevin and Adriana Van der Kooy
Children in 4th and 7th grade - 

Danny and Ginette Vera
Child in 11th grade - 

Harvey and Stacy Youngquist
Children in 3rd and 4th grade –