Daily Program

The preschool at ECS is filled with excitement in a warm and comfortable environment. Surrounded by love, each little one, six weeks through three years, is free to explore and stretch his imagination to the limits. In our preschool program we provide a stimulating and enriching experience for each child in preparation for kindergarten. In Bible study, basic Biblical stories are shared, with concepts appropriate for young children. Creativity and imagination are encouraged through block building, painting, drawing, story acting, and craft projects. The sounds of music are enjoyed through singing, rhythm activities, and listening.

Students participate in group play, outdoor play, small and large motor activities, and health and safety units to work on physical development. Readiness activities include the development of skills and understanding in the areas of visual and auditory perception, language, shapes, colors, numbers, table and group games, and motor activities.

Preschool at ECS is fun!