Sentinel Fund 2018-2019

Targeted Goal - $500,000

Strategic Need Based Financial Assistance - $100,000

  • Supports current families experiencing temporary or long-term financial hardship
  • Provides assistance to mission-centric students from under-privileged backgrounds
  • Supplements ongoing/budgeted financial assistance measures

Student Life Enhancements - $180,000

  • Updates to the Lower School Classrooms and Hallway
  • Replace lockers, 4th-12th grade
  • Install HVAC systems for south side gym entry
  • Interactive student area on the south side of the gym

Preschool Physical Plant Enhancements - $220,000

  • Exterior improvements to enhance the aesthetics of the facility
  • Modernize entry and front desk check in area
  • Update the cafeteria area to be more functional and provide additional storage compartments for supplies
  • Addition of a health clinic
  • Cosmetic touch ups to classrooms - paint and flooring

Each year ECS is committed to continued strategic improvements to the overall student experience; the Sentinel Fund will support these needs.